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Did you know that you can get almost any frame made in to a decorative wall mirror?

Yes! You can choose from one of our 4000 frames and get a beautiful custom mirror made to suit your decor.

From ornate silver and gold mirrors, to more modern brown and black mirrors there is plenty to choose from to give your room that extra touch of class.

Why not buy a beautifully unique, custom-made mirror from a framing expert, instead of a cheap box-store brand made from inferior materials? You can be a part of the design process… and we have thousands of styles, colours, shapes and sizes for you to consider!
Mirror is available plain, or for a more decorative look we can add a bevel to the outer edge that accentuates the overall beauty of your custom mirror.

Other than having your choice of style, colour and shape (oval, round) you can also get the exact size to fit your decor perfectly.
All of our mirror frames are made of wood which gives you a strong and sturdy frame that we guarantee to last.

Whether it’s a small mirror at 16″ x 20″ or a free standing mirror that leans against the wall at 48″ x 84″ we will build it to suit your needs.

Come on by and visit us for a selection and price that we promise you will be happy with.
We can supply you with just the mirror or beveled mirror as well.

We are able to provide you with all sizes and shapes as well as have holes drilled for any lighting or sconce’s that need to pass through the mirror.
Here is why you should come to Other Things:
You can choose from 1 of over 4000 styles of frames
Price is Guaranteed
Service is Guaranteed
Product is Guaranteed
100% wood framing for a durable long lasting mirror
Plain mirror available in custom shapes such as oval mirrors and round mirrors
Quick turnaround
Quality silver mirror/not an inferior import
Bevelled Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors
Ornate Mirrors
Contemporary Mirrors
Art Deco Mirrors
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